Phase II: Commuter Corridors

As follow-up to the Smart Moves update in 2008, MARC is working with local elected officials and transit operators toward a regional transit system that offers more service and travel options for the public. The multiphase study will to further evaluate specific urban and commuter transit corridors, recommend implementation plans, and identify costs to build and operate new services.

An expanded transit network in metro Kansas City would promote livable communities by improving connections between activity centers and along major corridors, offering transportation choice to residents, and supporting local development and access to jobs.

The Phase II Commuter Corridors Strategy, led by local elected leaders in Clay, Platte and Jackson counties, will evaluate the viability of commuter rail investment in five major corridors ? and other transit service alternatives if commuter rail is deemed unworkable. Also, it will include a preferred service concept and proposed financial and operations plans.

The following major commuter corridors will be studied in Phase II:

Phase II centers on developing a commuter/suburban services implementation plan that outlines transit services for the region's major commuter corridors. It will evaluate options for providing high-level commuter services via commuter rail or other viable alternatives, and clarify a preferred commuter service concept.

MARC contracted with TranSystems to evaluate the commuter corridors, and is coordinating with transit providers and local jurisdictions to guide the studies.

Regional Transit Implementation Plan Phase II: Commuter Corridors DRAFT Report (pdf, 3.8MB) - 10-26-10
Regional Transit Implementation Plan Phase II: Commuter Corridors RFQ (pdf)
Regional Transit Implementation Plan Phase III: Urban and Commuter Corridors Integration RFQ (pdf)

For more information, contact Tom Gerend at MARC.

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